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How we came about...

Aardent was founded in December 2018 and began delivering advisory services to the wider Recruitment industry in early 2019.

Aardent was created to address the growing demands and need for Recruitment providers to 'step up' and offer customers more value, more service and more outcomes, namely SOW's.

Our founder, having established similar business for the global staffing giants realised there was far more momentum to be gained in evolving the industry by working with multiple buinesses rather than one individually. Aardent was born to provide all this expertise and knowledge on a far more cost effective and scalable basis and as such we started advising and building our clients SOW businesses from March 2019.

Due to our technology roots and IT credentials, it wasn't long before we started looking for better, more innovative ways to support our Recruitment partners and the wider customer base. This has led to us creating our pioneering SOWaaS® platform which will truly provide a simplified point of orchestration for ANY Recruitment business.

Gone are the days of companies who require Project and Outomes delivered being hamstrung by the over-priced, under-valued services of 'traditional Consultancies and Service Providers. Now Recruitment businesses can equip themselves with the knowledge, advice, tools and processes to evolve their already proven Talent expertise (which let's be fair, all Projects rely upon) into more valued and accountable outcomes for their clients.

Our vision at Aardent is to truly change the world of Recruitment, Project Services and SOW delivery. We believe the future is firmly focussed on a change in working practices, requiring more flexibility and accountability but without huge increases in costs. Our services and our technology are designed with this squarely in mind - to improve Talent delivery, with added Service value to drive Project & SOW Outcomes for the mases.

If you would like to discuss any of this further - please don't hesitate to Contact us below:

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