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Aardent advises and supports recruitment businesses wanting to evolve into outcome-based engagement services, more commonly known in the market as Statements of Work (SOW) or Project services.


We provide all the guidance and advice necessary for your business to develop a compelling service offering.


As experts in this field, we have unparalleled experience in establishing, developing, and managing Statements of Work functions for the largest global recruitment businesses as well as many smaller players.

Accelerate & Elevate

An advanced and condensed programme of work to discover & design a complete business strategy which incorporates the rapid sales development and organisational levers to achieve success in the SOW/Project space - a comprehensive process to fast track success 

Education & Consulting

We provide clients with Sales and Strategic guidance on evolving their businesses to provide higher value outcomes and performance. Additionally, we educate organisations and upskill teams to operate at the highest levels within Projects SOW and IR35.

Outside IR35 Advisory

A specific piece of consultancy and service engagement that covers the intricacies of IR35 - not just from a legal/legislation perspective but more importantly an actual practical sense. We are experts at transforming PSC deployments from Inside to legitimately Outside - without the need for any additional insurance

Accelerate & Elevate

Accelerate & Elevate

This is an advanced and condensed 5-day programme covering everything required to achieve success in the SOW market.


Clients quickly generate new sales and increase their gross margin from 18% to 25%


Outcomes Include:





 Contact us for more details & pricing

  • Definitive marketing, collateral & content coverage

  • Solution and service requirements

  • Specific levers to guarantee 100% IR35 compliance

  • Every process and tool required to accelerate rapidly

  • View on margin increases across your existing book of business

  • Anticipated programme return on investment

  • Step-by-step success plan

  • Clear definition on what exactly to offer clients

  • Roadmap for organisational and cultural success

  • How exactly to sell, develop, manage and up-skill your teams

  • Clear view on quick wins across your existing contractor book

  • Commercial best practices - pricing, legal contracts, margin position etc

  • How to minimise risk & liability


Education & Consulting


Our SOW Masterclass programme is aimed at taking organisations from absolute basics, where you don't even need to know what an SOW is, to a fully capable, scalable and successful business. 


Aimed at educating and guiding recruitment businesses to learn, adopt and implement all the concepts, tools, processes and activities required to establish a successful solutions organisation.


We guide you through every step of the process from strategy & vision creation, through market assessment, into sales development, SOW creation, and project delivery. Covers all the principles developed over 10 years by the industry leader in SOW services within recruitment


A specific 1/2 day workshop that covers only the sales principles and processes we advocate when looking to develop opportunities across the SOW, Project and/or Outcomes market.


Includes SOW basics, market identification, proposition creation, how to evolve conversations from pure talent delivery and then lead/opportunity processes to develop and manage legitimate engagements.


On demand consultancy on half or full-day basis to cover any requirement, typically including:


  • attending client meetings on your behalf or in support;

  • reviewing sales opportunities;

  • guidance on responding to RFx (RFP, RFI, RFQ) requests;

  • providing feedback on strategy development;

  • leadership mentoring;

  • sales mentoring;

  • commercial rigour around SOW design and creation

Contact us for more details & pricing

Outside IR35 Advisory

A specialist piece of consultancy arming you with a different perspective and skillset on how to assess contractor workers for IR35 compliance. Rather than simply reviewing contractual terms, which are often completely different from actual working practice, we will guide you through all the salient points of an assessment.


Crucially, you will learn what you (and your client) need to implement to shift a workforce to operate 100% outside IR35. This creates a huge up-sell opportunity to promote SOW for your organisation and deliver cost savings for your clients; a true win-win.

Due to the complexity and scale of IR35 engagements we offer two services:

  1. We spend a full day discussing, assessing, and guiding you through an end-to-end view of IR35 engagements, risk factors, steps to mitigate, and how to position SOW's to transition workforce. We will also determine the time and effort required to implement all of these changes and any potential margin uplift.

  2. Following the 1-day engagement, we can provide a fixed-price service to cover the transition process of migrating workers from inside to outside, including liaising with your client on your behalf, consulting with contractors, and providing a comprehensive transition plan. Prices vary for this service depending on size, scale & complexity.

 Contact us for more details & pricing

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